MM Horsewear is owned and run by mother and daughter, Rikke Diekelmann and Mille Marie Diekelmann Andersen. We both have 20 years of experience with ownership of horses and associated equipment for both horse and rider.

We run MM Horsewear with great passion and desire to be able to deliver the best product and the best service to our customers.


We ourselves own 6 horses of the breeds Danish Warmblood, Palomino, English Thoroughbred, Welsh Pony and Shetland ponies. They are all used on a daily basis for both jumping, dressage and forest trips, so our knowledge of equipment for the various sports is broad – and we will always be able to provide guidance in the form of purchasing equipment for your specific needs. Write to our contact email and we will contact you the same day or the next business day.

Our photographers:
– Mille Marie Diekelmann Andersen
– Sofia Rosenlund Photography